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8 Healthy Foods That Cause Flab

With a conscious effort to stay fit, you might not be able to reach your fitness goal till yet. It is because some smart eats are actually junk foods in disguise. Consuming them on a frequent basis will not just host you a bloated and flabby belly, but can also increase your risk of various health problems. Here are some of the healthy foods that cause flab, so you would want to avoid them or limit them in your diet.

  1. Dairy Products

Gas is a major symptom of dairy product consumption. Dairy products with high levels of lactose are actually contributing to body flab. They even make your body feel hefty and tired. If you feel bloated, try limiting the amount of yogurt, cheese, milk, and ice cream you consume. Instead, ditch dairy altogether and stick to lactose-free milk. Additionally, intake Lactaid pills to aid your body digest such milk products.

  1. Tofu

Tofu is one of the healthiest food items is consumed in large scale. Order this rich food in a restaurant,and you will be mostly served with a plateful of calories, sugar, sodium, and even saturated fat. The real issue is not the tofu, but this the blandness of this white stuff. It is mostly doused in sauces and deep fried in oil to give it a rich texture and flavor, making it a big diet disaster perfect for weight gain.

  1. Veggie Chips

You might consider switching to veggie chips a better alternative to consuming potato chips. Think again! Most of the veggie chips are prepared in hydrogenated oils, also known as trans-fat. Trans-fat is proven to increase weight, boost cholesterol, and contribute to numerous heart ailments. Veggies not containing high fat may have great amounts of fat from oils used to prepare them. The low fat and baked potato chips available on the market deem as better choices. However, do check for the calorie count. Over-consumption of such chips can contribute to belly fat.

  1. Red Meat

Next on the list of healthy foods that cause flab is red meat. Considered a rich source of minerals and vitamins, red meat is also an excellent source of protein. But consuming red meat in larger quantities and more often is not known to bring any benefit for a flat stomach. Red meat is associated with weight gain. It contains high levels of preservatives and sodium that can result in bloating or water retention. Even, it is a saturated fat supporting fat accumulation around the belly. Keep a check on the frequency of red meat you eat to have a flat stomach.

  1. Corn

Anything consumed in surplus is bad for the health. Be it as light as corn. Corn is known as an excellent fiber for the body. Also, it is an amazing source of protein.But when consumed on an everyday basis, corn can be a fattening food. It is because corn contains high levels of calories and sugar in the form of fructose. This food even has a tendency to store fat around the liver.

  1. High Fiber Cereals with Sugar

A high fiber diet is always appreciated. A bowl full of high fiber cereals is suggested as the best breakfast. Careful, sometimes these cereals can come with high sugar content. Do check the ingredients as added sugar may come in the form of honey, brown sugar, evaporated syrup, as well as natural and dried nuts, like Raisin. High fiber diet is proven to protect heart ailments and the risks associated with type 2 diabetes. But high sugar consumption in the morning can increase blood sugar level.

  1. Diet Soda

Diet soda can help you save tons of calories in soda and soft drinks. But over consumption can contribute to body flab. Each pack of diet soda can increase the risk of being overweight by 41%. Obviously, it contains artificial sweeteners and can increase your body’s cravings for more calories.

  1. Dried Fruit and Fruit Juice

Lastly, on the list of healthy foods that cause flab is dried fruit and fruit juice. Packed with minerals, vitamins, fiber, and phytonutrients, fruit juices confer numerous health benefits. They are great to reduce the risk of heart disease, including stroke and attacks, prevent the formation of cancers, reduce type 2 diabetes, regulate blood pressure levels, and help prevent bone loss.

Do you consider them prepared from whole fruit? Not so fast! According to researchers, eating fruit is a better choice than eating an apple juice. Regular intake of fruit juices and dried fruits can actually increase cholesterol level of the body. Eventually, you are left with not just a healthy body, but one with lots of flab around.

Maintaining an appropriate body weight is not just about knowing which foods to avoid, but also knowing which foods to eat. To get a flab-free body, you must stick to an optimal diet suggested from a nutritional expert. Consuming right nutritional type would offer you increased energy, great mental capacity, and overall well-being.

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