healthy foods that cause flab 21 Jun

8 Healthy Foods That Cause Flab

With a conscious effort to stay fit, you might not be able to reach your fitness goal till yet. It is because some smart eats are actually junk foods in disguise. Consuming them on a frequent basis will not just host you a bloated and flabby belly, but can also increase your risk of various health problems. Here are some of the healthy foods that cause flab, so you would want to avoid them or limit them in your diet.

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Dietary Needs 16 Apr

[Infographic] Getting to Know Different Dietary Needs

As the food industry has grown and become more complex, so have people’s dietary needs. People are much more interested in what they are eating these days, and where that food comes from. While there are many people who have special dietary requirements based on food intolerances and allergies, there are also large portions of the population making conscious decisions to eat in a particular way for a number of reasons.

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20 Jan

5 Must-Have Foods for A Healthy Heart

Do you dread a heart disease in the future? With today’s sedentary way of life, heart problems have seen a massive rise in the last couple of decades. Many people around the world have become cautious about keeping their hearts healthy by incorporating healthy habits such as a nutritious diet and proper workout schedules. However, most of us do not know the foods that we must include in our diets for a healthy heart. To keep your heart working well, include these five must-have heart-friendly foods.

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